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Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship

Soul Orientation is a coming home that each of us longs for. Readers start a journey that will awaken their soul essence and build sensory development. This awakening breaks down barriers for readers to experience the ultimate life fulfillment, reflective relationship within ourselves and with others.

The book unlocks the mystery why many of us connect to things to create meaning and purpose, yet end up feeling incomplete. Kiera describes how humans became lost in a cognitive, linear abyss that separates us from the inner mechanisms of our human DNAís energetic evolution. In the abyss, we remain ever wandering, with our complete purpose eluding us.

Soul Orientation breaks through readersí perceptions of themselves and their world to sense what truly is. Through each chapter, Kiera teaches her Embodied Practice. Fifteen Embodied Healing Practices advance in progression to safely awaken each reader to their own sensing nature of being. Step-by-step instruction guides readers through each focused practice and energetic activation. When followed, Embodied Practice rebuilds the lost connections in the body to Sky and the grounding to Earth, along with the structure and functions of our human Vortexes. Our sensing can then begin to grow strong and whisper the way free, out of the human abyss.

Scientific, medical, and mathematical examples answer the "whys" of the Embodied Practice. Read how Earthís space-time vortexes in Einsteinís Theory of Relativity mirror our bodyís energy centers. Learn which finger positions activate areas in the brain related to self, relationships, creativity, and perception. Find out how cellular communication causes autoimmune diseases and why each vortex has a unique wavelength and frequency.

Soul Orientation is your guide to start lasting fulfillment. Start your journey to unlock your soul essence and reflect in relationship.

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